Please fill out the following questionnaire to determine your company’s eligibility to apply for the Express Program.
The company must be in good standing1 with the Massachusetts Department of Revenue. If the application is approved, you must provide a valid Massachusetts Department of Revenue Certificate of Good Standing with the contract packet. It is highly recommended that you request the Certificate of Good Standing now, making it available upon application approval.  For the purposes of the Workforce Training Fund Program, the Certificate of Good Standing is only valid for 6 months.   Sample of certificate
Eligibility Questionnaire
Does the company have 100 or fewer employees?
Is the company a labor organization?
Yes    No
Is the company a non-governmental entity? Yes    No
Is the maximum amount of grant being requested $30,000 or less? Yes    No
Is the cost per trainee paid with grant funds $3,000 or less? Yes    No
Will the company pay for at least half of the total cost of training? Yes    No
Are all trainees employed in Massachusetts? Yes    No
Does the company pay into the Workforce Training Fund? Yes    No
Is the company current with unemployment insurance benefits? Yes    No
Will training start within 6 months of grant award? Yes    No
Will individual training components last for 12 months or less? Yes    No
Training has not commenced yet and will not for at least six weeks from today's date. Yes    No
Is training job related? Yes    No


1 Up-to-date with all business taxes for which the company is subject.

For assistance, you may contact the Workforce Training Fund Info. Line at 617-717-6943.